At MCM Grinds School we specialise in teaching maths. We teach maths to all levels, from 1st year students, right through to higher level 6th year leaving cert students.

The name MCM Grinds School is becoming Known at the go to school for higher level leaving cert maths grinds. This year alone is 2024 we have almost 70 higher level leaving cert students attending our weekly grinds classes, which is more than most mainstream schools. Students come to us for higher level leaving maths grinds because it is not about writing solutions to questions on a white board and simply asking students to copy it down. It is about teaching concepts, making sure students understand the different topics and know how they work. Ask 100 students what the trigonometry topic is all about and 90% of them won’t know? How do you do a question on trigonometry when you don’t know or understand what they topic is about.

Students can attend weekly grinds classes in Kingscourt, Kells, Virginia and online. Our online classes are very interactive with students fully participating in the class. They are asked constant questions, they are included in discussions, and they get questions to do during class and must show their work. This allows u to monitor and correct their work as they do it in real time. When done correctly online classes can work as well as face to face.

We also specialise in  higher level leaving cert chemistry, biology and physics grinds, we provide a whole range of online maths videos designed to allow students develop their understanding of different topics in their own time, and our unique teaching methods are now available in a full range of books including the i hate maths, Irish and chemistry series.