This level is primarily for students in First and Second year in Secondary School.

These videos can also be used by students in Primary school 6th class as a way to introduce some of the basic key concepts to them as a way of preparing for First Year. Or they can also be used by students in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th year Secondary school as a means of revising these key basic concepts.

As well as videos that clearly explain each concept from the very beginning there are also a number of “Key Skills” videos available to students. These “Key Skills” videos will teach students the key skills they need to master each topic. It will also allow students to focus on a specific key skill and allow them to practice and perfect the required key skills one at a time.

Combining these required key skills with a clear and easy to grasp explanation of these main concepts will help students to develop an excellent understanding of each one.

Separate question sheets are also available along with a video for each question sheet, providing answers and detailed explanations.