This Level is for students preparing for their Higher Level Leaving Cert exams and is suitable for students in TY, 5th and 6th year.

The videos in Level 4 cover all the topics and material required to prepare students for their upcoming exams. The first and most important topic covered is “Key Equations” needed for all Higher Level Leaving Cert maths. Being able to recognise, make and solve these equations is vital to you succeeding at this level.

While covering all topics there are also videos on the Theorems you need to be able to prove, the Constructions you need to be able to demonstrate, and all the Proofs you might be asked in the exams.

There are also detailed answers of sample questions taken from past Higher Level Leaving Cert exam papers, on each topic as well as a complete set of answers for the questions in the “I Hate Maths” Higher Level Algebra book.

Higher Level Leaving Cert students also have the option to request videos on specific questions based on the Monthly topic.